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Meet the humans! Each one contributed to the creation and design of the products offered by the Guinea Pig Calendar Company."

Marcia Messmer & the guinea pigs


Owner Marcia Messmer, self-described cavy fancier, is the creative force behind the Guinea Pig Calendar. Messmer acquired her first guinea pigs over 20 years ago, and made her first calendars entirely by hand in 2003. Originally given to friends and family as gifts, the calendars have grown in popularity over the years and are now available to guinea pig lovers everywhere!

"My guinea pigs make me laugh, especially when they're wearing costumes, and I hope the images in the calendar will make other people laugh, too."

Messmer has owned and operated her caviary at 4M Farm since 1995. She does not breed or show her animals, but delights in dressing them in hats and costumes for various projects, including her calendar. Messmer has collected approximately 1,500 hats and accessories for her guinea pigs, who patiently endure countless costume fittings and photo shoot rehearsals. All residents of the caviary are house pets and are treated to twice daily cage cleaning, fresh fruits and vegetables for breakfast and dinner, plenty of "turn out" and socialization, excellent veterinary care, and much love.

"Call me crazy, but I really believe my guinea pigs love their work. They certainly love all the attention!"



Photographer Jennifer Baciocco is a celebrated wedding and portrait photojournalist based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Jennifer's body of work encapsulates her creative vision which she tailors to the specific needs of each project. New challenges are of the utmost to Jennifer. So when Marcia approached her to photograph her guinea pigs for an annual calendar, needless to say, Jennifer was eager to take on a new exotic project with little idea of what to expect. Since Marcia & Jennifer have teamed up, Marcia's entertaining arrays of costumes & Jennifer's keen attention to lighting and backdrop compositions have truly uncovered a cavalcade of cute costumed cavies! www.jenniferbaciocco.com


  Border artist Alice Underwood Leininger is the founder and creative director of Rose Street Design, purveyor of beautiful stationery, cards and calendars. Alice hand paints designs and borders, and creates products that are fun, colorful, expressive and personal.
"... When you look at the art at Rose Street Design, you can imagine me sitting in my somewhat messy studio surrounded by pottery from Firenze, tiny tomatoes still on the vine, vases of flowers, seashells, pieces of old fabric.....and more! The art that I produce comes form my mind filled by my heart and soul. It is a gift to me and from me to you."
Alice's products can be found at Daffodils Fine Stationery and Gifts in Lexington, Kentucky and at www.rosestreet.com


Graphic Designer Deborah Jacobs / bru:sfo is a San Francisco based freelance designer and creative director. Deborah is passionate about high quality design and boasts extensive experience in her field. Deborah's ability to merge her vast artistic and creative talent with her expert computer and graphic skills have made her a valuable member of the Guinea Pig Calendar Company team! Visit Deborah's website at www.brusfo.com


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