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guinea pig 2011 calendar

about the guineas

Meet our guinea pig calendar stars. Get to know them! Read their bios including their names, breed, likes and dislikes...



Name: Tater Tot
Breed: Unknown
Weight: 2500 grams. Wow… yes, you read correctly. That’s 5 pounds, 8 ounces!!!!
Nickname: “Tay-tay”
Likes: Food. Always hungry and eats everything.
Best Friend: Utah
Personality: Afraid of everyone and everything. Comes out to play with the other piggies when he thinks no one is looking. “Tay” is a sweet and gentle giant!!
Note: Fearful and cautious, “Tay” is a rescue from Southern California, and may have been bred in South America. He is twice the size of the other piggies, and his flight instinct rules his behavior. “Tay" is cuddled every day, and at age 2 is brave enough to pose for the calendar. He now has a safe and loving home.


Name: Marcella
Breed: Peruvian
Variety: Broken Colored
Weight: Unknown (Girls don’t like to disclose this…)
Personality: Sweet, patient and kind, and loves to please.
Likes: Wheatgrass and being groomed.


Gordon guinea pig


Name: Gordon
Breed: American
Variety: Golden self
Weight: 1450 grams
Nickname: "Gordy" "Beautiful One"
Personality: A bit timid, and not a cuddler. His brain constantly battles his flight instinct.
Favorite song: "Hamster Dance"
Dislikes: Vacuum cleaners; "Utie".
  Name: Macchiato
Breed: American
Variety: Chocolate Agouti, red and white
Weight: 1350 grams
Nickname: "Mach"
Personality: Dominant. Must be first for everything. Never still, constantly clamoring for attention and always vocalizing. When not sleeping, stands on his hind legs in his pen.
Favorite movie: "G-Force"
Dislikes: Being brushed and groomed.

Possum guinea pig

Name: Possum
Breed: American
Variety: Silver agouti
Weight: 1275 grams
Nickname: "Possie"
Personality: Sweet and playful.
Climbs on your hand to be picked up.
Loves to "popcorn," and always begins games. Will nap anywhere.
Favorite foods: Wheatgrass; corn on the cob.
Favorite activity: Watching cartoons on television.

  Utah guinea pig angel
Breed: American
Variety: Gold/White
Weight: 1550 grams
Nickname: "Utie"
Personality: Loves everyone! Super friendly and trusting.
Dislikes: Being outdoors.
Favorite activity: Eating and sleeping on a lap.
Dutch Treat guinea pig Name: Dutch Treat
Breed: American
Variety: Red Dutch
Weight: 1300 grams
Nickname: "D.T."
Personality: Sweet and loving; a rag doll. Melts in your arms.
Dislikes: Mochaccino.
Favorite activity:Chin scratches and kisses.
Cookie Crumbs guinea pig Name: Cookie Crumbs
Breed: American
Variety: Dalmation
Weight: 1750 grams
Nickname: "Cookie"
Personality: Crazy and noisy! Likes being in everyone else’s business, and always the first to beg for food and attention.
Best friend: Gordon.
Mochaccino guinea pig Name: Mochaccino
Breed: American
Variety: Tricolor; red, white and cinnamon agouti
Weight: 1200 grams
Nickname: "Mocha"
Personality: Very intelligent and sweet. Loves to be cuddled by humans. Sometimes bullied by Cookie and Dutch Treat.
Favorite activity: Escaping and exploring the kitchen on his own.



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